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why do we have to live in the bad cyberpunk timeline

| We should be getting cool cyber gatling arms to fight megacorp robot soldier squads but instead we just get Facebook and Apple

| I'm working hard, have some patience, dammit! In about 3 years I will be ready to release some dope bionics, just wait for it to happen

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Any details?

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Duct tape gun to arm
Gun arm
Future is NOW

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Where is your kickstarter I will give you all of my money

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>tfw soypunk timeline

| Who says that we aren't getting there? It clearly looks more and more dystopian every year, once cybernetics gets more common stuff will be pretty rad.

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They will kick me out if I tell you

| робаты сосатб

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Of course we already live in a dystopia, it's just that it's a BLAND dystopia. And at least there was hope for rebellion among cyberpunks sometimes but it's not like anyone's gonna go blow up Facebook's server farm or assassinate the heads of the Monsanto group any time soon.

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| At this point I feel like we're going to see a cyberpunk future more akin to a Mirror's Edge type dystopia than the Neuromancer type.

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I think that we'll see nothing of these cyberpunk types. Maybe it would be like Deus Ex type, but i'm not sure that Neuromancer and Deus Ex are really different.

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Shut up and take my money!

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Mirror's Edge seems likely because the oligarchs just want us dumbed down and complacent and subconsciously scared, but not enough so as to give their dystopian kingdom the APPEARANCE of oppression... A shiny polished white plastic prison instead of bloodstained concrete.

| >>518200 Exactly. The best kind of cage is the kind where you don't realise you're in one.

| Maybe people do, but it's just easier to lie to themselves when all they see is Chrome.

| Kinda funny, syberpunk is already a bad place to live, and you saying that we are in a bad timeline.

| >syber
Go commit life disconnect.

| I think the only viable way for a more desirable cyberpunk timeline would be to commit a worldwide nuclear holocaust, throwing civilization into ruins. We also pre-warn japan of the coming apocalypse and voilà, the dominant architecture and society is jap (who are still leagues behind in technology with fax machines ect.)

| It's because the "allies" won WW2 and killed off all the high tech fascists. Instead we were left with low tech fascists and tricksters with no sense of aesthetics.

| G/u/rls, let's take over the world, so we can force mega corps to be AESTHETIC and oppress everyone! Who's with me?

| >>519514 I'm in

| Was there ever supposed to be a good cyberpunk timeline?

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Well it depends. In this time line companies like Nestle are not a giant megaCorp with a private army in a hidden war against governments and other conglomerates.

At least I think so

| >>519714 you've obviously never been to Jamshedpur. There are some cities in China "owned" by megacorps as well. Not officially, but the megacorps basically run the city. Apple and Google have essentially built cities too, complete with restaurants and limited housing. Though those cases are less extreme.

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World Reign Corp Nestle.

| Your only choice is to be the change you wish to see in the world. I am working on advanced prosthesis. The tree may not produce fruit for us but if we do not plant the seed then future generations will starve.

| >>519926 I only hope that when I eventually fuck up my hands with carpal tunnel I will be able to buy a pair of rad cyberhands. If what you say if true, you are doing gods work

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If it ever happens, send pics

| we're missing the entire `high tech, part

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What I think we are missing is the actually cheap high tech part. We have awesome prosthetics, we are advancing towards quantum computing, we have virtual reality, self-driving cars, even fucking space tourism!

All of it is being held back by the few companies commercialising those advancements by treating everything as luxuries rather than common stuff,worsened by the ones who own everything that depends on their development (old silicon companies as an example)

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