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captcha somehow got more shitty

| I'm one of the people who was okay with the original captcha idea. Now it seems to be incorrect 2/3 of the time when I copy it verbatim from the displayed image.

First attempt to post this very thread:

| >raspy proud worn

| >civet bruno bonus

Bruno Bonus sounds like a cool band name lol

| >>516764
clearly "deans"

>klee scuds wish

| Agreed, it might've gotten a bit too hard.
>nosey cab scamp

| >garza plans chats

It's still easy but harder yes.

| >star base cram
If it stops REOL, I,m happy

| Sometimes it can be hard to see if it's an o or e, or l and i but since they're all English words it's usually easy to figure out.

| Captcha is always annoying but it has more benefits than negatives

| >hikes runs cleft

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This thread is permanently archived