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Cyberpunk 2077 good as 2020?

| Do you think the game will have the same quality as the pen n paper system?

| (Is this OOC or IC)

| N1RV-Anna for life

| That game still isn't out? We're almost past the year it takes place in. This is gonna be Back to the Future 5 all over again.


| What kinda rock have ya been livin' under, fellas? It's been like a year since it released. -Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


| Yeah, I enjoy the fact that they ended up including fully interactive sex scenes with the romances and one night stands. Being able to switch different and all kinds of sex positions and whatnot.

| wait what>>e51d72

| >>e51d72 what the fuck

| >>e51d72 I don't know about switching positions but yea the sex scenes are a thing. Gay and straight so can't wait for some V on V action

| >>496131 >>496136 >>496146 >>496249
You guys are in the wrong board. This is for real-world stuff. Take your yiff-tastic bullshit to cyberpunk-life,the role-playing board.

Since they sought out Pondsmith to insure that they maintained his vision of the setting, I expect it'll be pretty good.
They've already said that V will be a Solo+ though, so don't expect to play as a rocker or nomad.

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This thread is permanently archived