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Lain-OS is dead?

| Really what happened to Lain OS?

| Whats that?

| Huh?

| Seems like it's been dead for a long time.

| >>494932 No kidding. I'm looking it up and the last update on their website was in 2004.

| >>494944 >>494932 Op is obviously a cyberpunk time traveller from pre-2004. This is why the g/u/rl is surprised that Lain-OS is dead.

| el psy congr/u/

| dangeru was originally a wonderful place with people like lewd-chan and snarky anonymous contributors, but now it's just filled with wannabe snarky anonymous bitches.

| >>496041 chill out dog

| >>496041 press f to pay respects for grape

| F

| What was lain-OS?

| bump, curious too

| aw man, i'd like to have this as a thing

| You guys think /tech/ would want to continue it?

| >>496712
/tech/ is a bunch of wannabe hackers who never used 4chin's /g/, occasional sjw who project their angst on /tech/-trolls, teens who revive "install gentoo" meme, and occasional old IT farts who call out to each other. If there were people interested in continuing such projects, they would already do it.

source: I am one of these /tech/trolls :^)

| Hello, I am /tech/ pls use Linux or I hate you

| you could go ask lainchan they seem actually good at programming

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This thread is permanently archived