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Real cyberpunk trends?

| So some of you might have heard about China's social credit system. They've even started banning people with low scores from booking flights.
Meanwhile in Sweden, paper money is becoming obsolete and people are starting to implant microchips.

Anyone know of any similar cyberpunk trends that are happening in the present day, present time? Is a cyberpunk future already here?

| Smart homes.

They know everything about you, they listen to everything waiting to hear the wake-up phrase, they can control devices in your house, etc. We're trusting massive companies to be responsible with this technology that could easily ruin our lives.

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True. I guess the same could be said for all smart devices. It's crazy to think that they're recording every one of our conversations and could potentially be used against us.

| >>490402 and they are (kinda).

Goggle and Samsuckmydick have both admitted to targeting advertisements based off of recorded conversations.

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Whoa I did not know this! That sounds cyberpunk as fuck!
Is that even legal though?

| >>490476 not really??? But they don't care.

| The emergence of megacorporations is a super prevalent trend in today's society. Corporations like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Corporations that know everything about you, and can find you no matter where you are in the world, or on the net. Nigh inescapable.

| Don't buy into smart appliances. The last thing you want is a fridge that has obsolete software (yikes). Also it's kinda scary because it is estimated that from 5 to 10 years into the future there will be around 10x more IOT devices than there are humans on earth. Their combined computing power could simulate 4 human brains. So prepare yourselves for ai overlords that will judge the contents of your fridge.

| >>490476 >>490483 Yep, totally legal. You gave them permission to do so when you first started up the phone. When you first turned it on and created your account, it's in the legal disclaimer.

>>492267 my girlfriend and parents already do that

| Things like this makes me want to surrender. Like sure samsung, hear whatever I have to say. I'm not somebody relevant and I'm also kind of minimalist mixed with poverty. Like if I could buy anything else now.

| Clean water is becoming more and more scarse, runaway sprawl and urbanization, ubiquitous computing, cashless society, overpopulation, megacorporations forming... we'll never be *exactly* in a cyberpunk world, because cyberpunk is necessarily in our imaginations, and it'll be unlikely that reality will match that imagination, but we're already getting unfortunately close.

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I think what's interesting is that even though a cyberpunk future seems inevitable, the global trends and changes that result in that future are too gradual for the people actually experiencing them to notice. A frog in a boiling pot comes to mind.
Will our future become exactly like what is portrayed in video games like Observer or Deus Ex? Maybe not, but say we do reach that point, would we even notice?

| If someone with an 80s vision of cyberpunk were to see the present state of our world, maybe they'd see it as the pinnacle of a cyberpunk future.

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I want a smart home, but I'm planning on how to do that without using anyone's service and make it myself with a combination of opensource software.

| Ohio accepts bitcoin to pay your state taxes now. You can buy condos and even skyscrapers with bitcoin, craigslist has a cryptocurrency check box for ppl trying to buy cars,boats, etc.
The majority of financial transactions in africa are done with phones, 2018 hearing aids are virtually invisible, bionic eyes can let people see shadows, chinese dude genetically modified 2 babies to be resistent to an hiv+ parent, n 2019 is almost here which is the year we can play cyberpunk 2077

| Well there was that whole GMO baby thing in China recently. Sounds pretty cyberpunk to me.

| >>492981 That's exactly it too. We probably wouldn't realize, and would probably even praise it compared to previous times like we do now.

| Robot waifus. Birth rate in developed countries is below replacement level; we already have realistic sex dolls and robot brothels are opening up left and right (and shutting down, of course). This is one of the things I personally look forward to.

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