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Dead again...

| Please play observer tho. One of the best cyberpunk themed pieve of art

| Got it boss

| I'll play Observer if you play Hylics. It's not cyberpunk but it's cool.

| I'll look it up.

If our threads didn't get archived so fast more discussion would happen. I only check here once a day.

| You guys got me thinking, I honesty haven't played a lot of cyberpunk games.

Like; Va-11hall-a, shadowrun returns, gemini rue and that's all I can think off.

I could do with a lot more recs. I personally love RPGs with good charactera but anythings fine.

| >>477299
Any deus ex game (especially first one), E.Y.E, Dex, OBSERVER(!!!), snatcher.

| 2064 Read only memories is prtty good too

| Ruiner too

| Is superhot considered as a cyberpunk game? Superhot is really nice too>>477410

| >>477512 of course!

| Aaaa I wanna play them all but my wallet says otherwise

| Deus Ex.


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This thread is permanently archived