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Favorite Aspect of the Aesthetic

| What's y'all's favorite physical aspect of of the Cyberpunk aesthetic? For example: I love the clutter of a computer station setup in media that portrays dystopian settings. Lots of random tech ramshackled together that somehow works and all that. Even in my own personal office I've got this "somehow it works" set-up of a beefy laptop, old 2000s monitors, tv, giant speakers, old audio monitor, & tons of wires hooked to various things. What do y'all like?

| Neon. Everywhere. Like if the cost it took to make a neon sign went down by a bunch, because Future Tech, ya know? Somehow that will make the cost of neon go way down.

| The overall feeling of being kinda lost and spaced out... Drifting.

| >>99bdac with you on the neon. I have a huge Amazon wishlist of just neon signs for my office.

| >>464299 there's just something so mystical about neon signs everywhere. Like... One neon sign doesn't quite do it. Standing back, and seeing hundreds layed out before your eyes... Hundreds of people trying to bring attention to themselves... Each trying to be individuals, and in doing so become part of a single mass. Ethereal.

| complex technology. Like very over the top looking computers and gadgets.

| I like the aesthetic of implants. It amazes me to think about thousands of people that are so different from each other but everyone accepts it. Robotic arm? Cool, how did you get it? Augmented eye? Dude, I barely even noticed.

| I always liked the city lights lmao, and the innovative ways a city can be lit up and shown. Also how future tech pretty much made art 10000 times cooler than it already is

| Ambient glow and hum and glimmering in the darkness

| >>464614
the aesthetic of overdeveloped city blocks

| Neon lights shining through window to an empty room. Blue hue in the night sky

| Contrast between poor and rich districts

| Transhuman stuff like biomodification, when people blur the line between human and machine

| >>464217 >>464299 >>466462 >>466834

Have you all done anything with EL wire? I'm working on a wall hanging with it right now, I figure behind some frosted plexiglass it should give off a neon type glow.

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