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Some cyberpunk themed books

| Do you guys have any recommendations?
It can be old or new, I just wanna have a track on where it's good to start.

| I only have a few in my book case. Altered Carbon, Snow Crash, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Neuromancer.

| If you're a fan of Ghost in the Shell at all, I'd highly recommend "After the Long Goodbye."

| >>383439
Basically, this.

| >>383390 The bridge trilogy

| crashing heaven by al robertson
walkaway by cory doctorow
autonomous by annalee newitz
trouble and her friends by melissa scott
the windup girl/the water knife by paolo bacigalupi aren't straight cyberpunk by this entire board but they've got the same elements

getting a liiitle tired of seeing the same 3 books recommended on here lol

| oh and if you liked electric sheep, philip k dick's other work (like ubik and a scanner darkly) has that same paranoid feel

| Mindplayers - Pat Cadigan
Patterns - also Pat Cadigan
A Fire in the Sun - George Alex Effinger
Foundation series - Isaac Asimov
After Atlas - Emma Newman
Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson

| Yeh, Neuromancer is a must in my opinion.

| Try reading Labyrinth of Reflections by Sergei Lukyanenko

| >>383439
I heard about Altered Carbon but only the Netflix series. Is it worth watching or just the book is enough?

| Snow Crash is the best. I love dat book!

| >>384116 I haven't watched the series but the book is great if you dont mind the occasional cheese. But if you're into cyberpunk cheese probably shouldn't bother you anyway. It also won the Philip K. Dick Award the same year it got published.

>>384122 Snow Crash is unironically the best cyberpunk book out there despite the fact that it parodies the genre. It's just such a great ride.

| OP here
Thank you guys for the recommendations. I'll search for them and start reading it.
I wanted to learn more about the genre, since I liked more sci-fi, and in the past I often got confused with both genres, when they're actually totally different. And bc I never read cyberpunk books before so yeah...

| >>383785 thank you this list is awesome

| snow crash is the most intense book one can read. the pizza delivery is so much fun to read

| >>383871 Foundation is a great series, but not sure that it's cyberpunk

| Do you guys have any idea on where I can download some of these? The classics I found easily but some like Labyrinth of Reflections and Crashing Heaven I couldn't.
(don't give pdf file links bc it's hard to read them on any device bc of the format, and don't complain that I need to buy bc most of them weren't even published in my country, neither I have money to buy on amazon or ebay, etc.)

| >>385608
Here you go. Btw, gotta warn ya, labyryth is not 100% cyberpunk, but it's heavily inspired by the matrix, so, i guess...

| b-ok.org

| >>385885 >>385567
Thank you guys, I'm really grateful for the help

| >>385608 libgen.io of course

| I just ordered a copy almost of every book mentioned in this thread that I didn't already own. Two of them I couldn't find localy though. Thanks alot for the lists!!

| >>383560
Thanks, I'll check it out
I liked the show, but haven't read the book


| reopened this thread and commenting so it doesn't get closed instantly again


| >>383560
Just ordered it, thanks for the recommendation.

| The Stars my Destination is a bit out there - like Dick with its telepaths etc - but it's basically proto-cyberpunk, as well as being a phenomenal sci-fi novel.

"He was one hundred and seventy days dying and not yet dead. He fought for survival with the passion of a beast in a trap."


| Guess what came in the mail today boys



| this is the new book thread

| >>391370 Damn look at that laptop. Is the the case aluminum? And that wear on the keyboard, oh my. Been using it for a while, haven't you. Oh, and uh, nice manga I guess.

>its not like im salty that i cant afford a 20$ manga or anything
>manga is literature


| >>404138
The case is 100% plastic, it's actually kind of a cheap piece of shit, but it's been with me for 3 years now.

Also the book is not actually manga, it's a regular novel. And the wear on the keyboard is a funny story.

Basically it had started turning a darker grey (like 50% as bad the right side), and I assumed it was dirty. So I took a damp sponge and started scrubbing. Took about 5 seconds to realize what I was doing.


| As for a $20 manga, I actually got it for $6.30 lightly used on amazon (really $1.30 because I had a gift card). Here's the book: http://0x0.st/swYQ.jpg


| Oh I just realzied you were talking about the wear ok the keys themselves. I never noticed it. This was the sponge incident I was talking about: http://0x0.st/swYj.jpg

| Why is it blue?


| >>409142
it's also visible on the danger/u/ github...

| Surprised not to see Synners by Pat Cardigan mentioned here, it's usually the "other" novel mentioned alongside Snow Crash and Neuromancer. Also the short story The Machine Stops, proto-cyberpunk too, consider it was written in 1909 and be amazed at it.
Also not a book but the manga Blame! is easily my favorite cyberpunk work.

| 1984 by George Orwell is basically cyberpunk. While it doesn't feature a bunch of emo hackers running around with neon dicks, it is sci-fi, and the main focus is government control. Or, well, when it came out it was sci-fi. Now it (the technology) is extremely similar to reality. But still. It's about government control and oppression in a kind of sci-fi setting.

| Since no one has mentioned it yet, I highly recommend the Eclipse trilogy (Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, and Eclipse Corona) by John Shirley. Excellent gritty Cyberpunk at its best. There is a recent-ish omnibus print kicking around that you can find pretty cheap.

| >>4bf690 Would you recommend the updated versions over the originals?

| >>389651 It's a very light edit. I was hard pressed to notice the differences, although tbh the decades between readings may have cloaked some of that for me. Given how cheap you can get the updated version though, I'd say go for it.


| Paul Di Filippo Reviews Thin Air by Richard K. Morgan


Some existing discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/CoreCyberpunk/comments/9s3wrf/paul_di_fillipo_reviews_thin_air_by_richard_k/

Sounds like he really liked it

| If you want to be systematic about it, you should read all of the books on the Hugo Awards list. If you're only going to read one, then it's Neuromancer. Absolutely foundational to the cyberpunk genre.

| >>384122 fosho snow crash is the best. And Neuromancer is also amazing>>454069

| Melancholy for Mechagirl

| Rx:A Tale of Electronegativity is pretty good. It's very soft on the science but has a decent take on the genre nonetheless.

| While it's often decribed as "space opera" it also contains lots of cyberpunkish elements:
The Hyperion books by Dan Simmons. It's really cool.

| Heya

| >>d314c6 sup

| >>460788
Neuramancer literally created the genre, so of course it stands as a core of it.

| >>496474 Wait, what? Did it really?

| Cyberia is worth mentioning. There is something mesmerizing in its (debased, mostly) premise of Internet as a new era of humanity. It also was the inspiration for Serial Experiments Lain, and helps understand the series and its context.

I ordered the Neuromancer for myself today. I saw a bundle of Gibson's other books on sale, should I order it? I didn't notice other gurls mentioning them here.

| >>499482
It inspired Serial Experiments Lain? I might have to pick that up.

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