Cyber cults

| I think this would be an interesting topic what with past incidents like the tsuki project.

Any other new age cyber cults, hoaxes, creepy soulbonding groups you know of or heard of in the past?

| I met some people on vrchat who told me about "cyberlinking". Apparently their group of like 20 or so people think that if you get a bit of blood and like put the copper from ethernet cables in it you "link" your self more to technology or something like that. Didn't make much sense to me honestly and it was in a public so I never saw them again to ask more questions

| Damn I need to get on vr chat. Did you just use those portals in the first world or how do you find interesting people?

| >>1017556 I use the world browser menu. I generally hang out in different bar public worlds or worlds like the black cat. They're always pretty popular. Then I just approach people and start by asking how they're doing, what they're up to, stuff like that. You can meet a lot of interesting people like that. At first it was scary, but I started going into it with the mindset that I'll most likely never meet these people ever again anyways, and it got easier.

| yeah that's awesome! Firing it up now!(danger/u/ vrchat meetup???!!! : 0)

| My internet isn't stable enough (cry)

| >>1017597 sorry to hear that g/u/rl, big cry for you :(

| I think I had my i2p node and torrent client way too high. I throttled them back a little, will post an update in a few days.

I'm part of a group right now aiming to change human nature, and have friends who were in systemspace, and I don't think you have a positive worldview here. If you truly dismiss 'cults' you'll never be able to innovate. Better to focus on identifying signs of toxic organizations, like cultures of conformity, seen on the streets around you.

| >>1017613
Mind if I ask what systemspace is? I've never heard of it before

| https://classic.systemspace.network/
Oooh so crazy we’re lain rp group

| Didn't people that joined the original systemspace commit suicide?

| >>1017899
Probably one schizophrenic and that’s it. It was RP

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