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best lain

| And why is it lain 11 pros?

I use arch lain btw.

| And I use Void Lain.

| >>1016670 Don't tell me that you are one of those dynamic lain manager + void users

| >>1016726
Who know? (even me [rofl]).
BTW, I really use dynamic window manager (dwn) + Void Linux.

| >>1016902
Is that better than tiling? I stated with i3 and it’s very approachable for a slow g/u/rl like me and I’ve been appreciating the extra space

| >>1016902 what the fuck is dwn
I've only heard of dwm and dwl

| >>1016927
Dynamic window namer it renames all your applicaitons as well as changing their numbers depending on themes like "the wild west," "famous americans," or "trans names"

| >>1016927
My bad, of course it is dwm, but before abbreviation I wrote full name of that window manager :/

| >>1016910
DWM is pre-compiling configurable rather than i3. It is small but powerful, you can add patches and recompile for to add or change its functionalities. By default it is not use configuration files, but I hear that some patch makes it possible for certain configurations.
All those thing means that WM is not good for distribution by default repository, but you can prepare package locally, your custom dwm package and use your system package manager to keep it right way.

| >>1016965
aHa-ha! Funny.

| >>1017027
Cool! Thanks!

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