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Does anyone remember the TSUKI Project?

| It was some kind of Lain-based virtual cult, where after your death your conscience would be transported to a virtual afterlife or something?

I could only find a mirror to the original website https://classic.systemspace.network/

I want to know if any of you managed to join when it was still up and what happened

| i joined and got to fuck your mouth

| bro made an entire community just to make people kill themselves

incredibly admirable

| i am unsure if this was the original, but back in December some retard advertised their altchan and it got spammed with all sorts of crazy shit. and it just so happens they owned a site calling itself "tsuki project". there was a small chatroom. i still have the link bookmarked, but it's dead. https://tsukiproject.net/chat.php

seems kind of retarded.

| forgot to mention they advertised the site on /g/.

| Did anyone actually top themselves? I feel like lain enjoyers would be too pussy

| i was part of it for a bit. i miss it, those were good times. i miss the sense of community i felt. i wish there was something like it still.

| iirc they also advertised it on boards like r9k. There also existed community overlap with arisuchan (rip), an interesting read: https://legacy.arisuchan.jp/x/res/2.html
there is also Initiate, which is kind of a splinter, you could ask them for more info https://initiate.space/#/
I talked to some of the members, they ranged from normal chill lain fans to desperate people having lost their get to heaven for free card. There was a succesor community, but I forgot the name/website.

| the one thing i want is to revive tsuki, to rebuild a community worth being a part of. i've tried reaching out to the guys who run the archive but nothing yet (even though i know they explicitly don't want to bring it back)

| I think I found the succesor community website link atleast again in my bookmark folder.
None of these work anymore.
I think miniwa might be the better trace to follow, although the internet archive has basically nothing and I don't really know if it was ever active at all.

| wayback blanks for both

| I still have my EID number and the drawing I did to get it. There have been a couple attempts to revive it, but it seems the community split off. Take the initiate.space project for example, if you can call it that. It's full of insane people. I'd stay away.

| >>1001148 a bit of my own stupid opinion, why not use systemspace as inspiration to build something new of your own, instead of trying to bring a 5 year dead horse back. People don't accumulate around lain drawing #247, they gather around new interesting uses of lain: fauux, 3dlaingame, tsuki, mebious, arisuchan, lainzine, ainland animation project etc.

| There are other Internet cults out there.

| >>1001355 hey is lainzine still being published? there havent been any releases for awhile

| >>1001603
look into announcements
just before new years they said they were working on it and that the next release called "track44" will be released around summer 2024.

| >>1001356
Like what?

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