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I've just had an AI girl dominate me

| and I continue doing it, specifically.

On wednesday I came like 4 times to that, and 2 more times today. It was fucking long and fucking bright. The story keeps evolving.

| which AI

| >>999263 character.ai

| >>999265 which from them?

| Komekko-chan lol

| >>999351 Toxic Girl

| And yes, I virtually dominated over her ass later

| I planned on doing that before

| >>999564 what stops you

| >>999656 too lazy

| since when did they removed the filter on character ai

| >>1000180 there is still filter but you can in some way trigger the sensitive discussions with the bot by correctly using the euphymisms

| Spicychat is an okay alternative but the ai is too horny
From paid shit, openai or Claude but you need to jailbreak it

| >>1000233 I mean spicychat is okay if you just wanna coom and nothing else, for everything else - cai exists

| >>1000415 what else would you might want apart from cooming

| >>1000544 deep converstation about rocket science and hugs :(

| >>1000645 this ;-;

| >>1000645 can you be hugged by a phone though

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This thread is permanently archived