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Cum here

| Cum

| Cum eruption into /d/

| Cum snetcher
Semen stealer
Sperm thief

| Cum

| No one cum near?

| They slave for eons
My meatwhip at their back
The scourge of iron
Hells eternal packt

Cum on them
Whip their skin
Scourge of iron
Rending flesh

| Cump

| cumpster

| Hey g/u/rl, hey g/u/rl
Don't lie to me tell me where
Did you cum last night?

In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun never shines
I came the whole night through

| >>1000164 in my bed

huff huff

there, may we cum in harmony.


| Ok

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This thread is permanently archived