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I'm inside your walls

| And fapping

| hawt

| I'm european, my walls are solid

| ^ sry I'm not american with their freedom between wall either

| watch me touch myself while you touch yourself......

| >>987341 leave them and hug me please:(

>>987353 >>987368 i feel shocked now.. Americans have free spaces in walls? I just thought it's meme, and because walls are big there can someone make hole in it.. i didn't expect wall can be not solid

| >>987491 I know its a bit over simplified, but american walls are some kind of timberframe structure with drywall (basically glorified cardboard) on either side of the frame. some fancy walls have vacuum pads in the empty space for extra insulation.

| >>987716 are these walls easy to break? like.. i'm bringing new furniture home.. and than notice.. "ohh no, 2 cm are missing, what i will gonna do?" *idea* "i have it!" *destroy wall* problem fixed!

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This thread is permanently archived