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Trans people are useless jobless sensitive losers who contribute nothing to society.

| *fucks your mouth*

| The more that I wander the "community" (lol. lmao) the more true that "stereotype" becomes in my head.
Sure, there's loud trans people on fedi soldering keyboards and making games and shit, but for each one of those there are 10 people too mentally ill or self-traumatized to care for themselves much less function in a society.

| >projecting

| Also the maids should delete this obvious bait. We all know who it is so fuck him.

| >>987209 How about you do something with your life instead of waiting for maids to wipe your ass for you. :^)

| I love sexes.

| Cum

| jealous op?

| >>987215 "How about you do something with your life" *proceeds to moan and seethe about trans people on danger/u/*


| agreed

| >>b09c1b honestly kinda tru tbh, I'm fucked and ik lots of other trans girls who are fucked, we live in a society

| >>987365
yeah but i mean thats a very different statement than what OP said

you are taking into account the sociopolitical realities trans ppl have to contend with and how it beats us down

OP is opining that the majority of us are mentally unwell and cant care for ourselves or function

besides this being both anecdotal and markedly untrue based on both statistics and testimonials, it is obv op wants to lay blame on and denigrate trans ppl based on poor experiences

| op my advice is to get the fuck off of 4chan, r/traaaaans, and whatever aggrieved twittersphere youve fallen into. judging trans people based on the way many terminally online ppl come off is no better than any generalisation of any minority demographic based on stereotypes :/

anyways, if you dont like the stereotype, break it. i hate the "uwu anime g/u/rl monster energy blahaj" shit and so i choose not to post or engage with it and my time online has improved bcus of it

| >>987374 I actually needed to hear that.
I'll work on my bitterness and try not to interact with terminally online people anymore.

| D':

That's me if I gave a fuck

| OP, please reduce your social media intake.

Personally I like to engage in the uwu meow gay retard stuff because, well, it’s funny. I’m not actually meowing at people IRL (except in bed lol). I suspect I’m not the only one to exaggerate my uwus online for shits and gigs. Truth be told, me and most of us are just trying to live our personal and professional lives.

| i am a jobless loser tranny. this week i am filling out my paperwork to drop out of college. i am incredibly mentally ill, i get panic attacks any time i talk to a tall man or spend too long outside. i only socialize through discord, which drives me up the wall with parasocial jealousy 24/7, and anon boards, which are mostly full of people who hate me. the medication i am taking for my mental health problems makes my mental health problems worse. i have close friends who are

| supportive, but i can only see them a few times a year in real life. the rest of the year i talk to them through vc. last week i had an anxiety attack because i was paranoid two of my friends were calling each other without me. logically i don't mind that happening but emotionally i was convinced they were conspiring to engineer my misery. currently, my main life goal is to beat enough of my social anxiety to go to kink parties, in the hope i can get tied up and pissed on.

| i spent this summer putting hours i did not work on a time card for a job i was a nepotism hire at, and using the time i didn't spend working to fuck an 8/10 racist femboy who does nothing but horny post in forsen's twitch chat all day. my number one hobby is drinking. despite being the pinnacle of the stereotype... i have still designed and printed and soldered a keyboard this year. i just don't post about it. there's a lot more to people than you see on their social media op.

| >>74c1ee least mentally disturbed transgender

| >>987408 if i was the least mentally disturbed transgender person i knew, i'd have people i want to hang out with

| >>987401 oh no, they know our plan!

| As capitalistic trans, jobless, sensitive loser i can confirm I don't contribute to society, and I don't care.. i just play games, watch anime, and i would nuke society if was all people like you

| >>987374 honestly I'm maybe hikki and i just copy these stereotypes.. i think people on 4chan are paradoxically more hitting these stereotypes than what op describing here.. honestly I don't like her political pov.. "contribute to society"? Why? It sounds terribly communistic, and this kind of people would deserve to live collectively live in Russia for some kind of unspecified reasons.. paradoxically i can't get insulted for accurate description of me. And instead monster i drink

| Cola all the time..
>>987402 don't feel bad please, in future will may get things better

Personally this weekend i wanted to contact someone after months.. but i didn't dare to..

| >>b0ce1c
I am very glad we can finally admit that the "subby" discord kitten is a broken shell of a human being. Kill yourself now.

| >>987490 i don't feel bad about a single thing i wrote in that message, except maybe that i still have panic attacks. maybe.

| >>74c1ee
shit is tough but you got up to more than i did lmao. we move forward

that's your choice to make

i dont see it as "contributing to society" so much as "the cost of modern survival". we are expected to work and pay bills and sustain ourselves in some manner of respectable way. society doesnt give a shit what we "contribute" to it. a Communist society would honestly be better, then every trans person would have a fucking job and be miserable like everyone else

| I'm >>b0ce1c
>>987492 i can't disagree but i won't kill myself for you xd
>>987493 than it's nice in some way ^^

>>987497 i would instead communism prefer return to caves, and survival things and so.. you disagree with me? *Stab you*
Communism also wasn't successful, North Korea is, but economically is on worse level than African countries

| Ma'am this is a Wendy's

| I love trans girls either way, I specially love when they depict/represent themselves as "girlfailures"/"girlfail" even if it's true for some, they should be groomed into becoming cute, super submissive housewives

| >>987571
Cuba and Vietnam are doing great all things considered and thanks to the USSR the quality of life/lfe expectancy rose dramatically

i would enjoy cave life i think *clubs u*

double baco cheese


| >>987572 sorry there is no Wendy's in communism
>>987574 *bringing ropes* we may can... *stare*
>>987581 if 150-300 usd/month and around 50 countries in passport without visa is success than yes, but personally i will prefer to stay in first world. i live in country which have high ammount of vietnamese migrants, and over that they keep visiting families in vietnam, they don't want live there.

| Maids should have killed this thread

| >>987639
It shall be so.

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