when i was 10

| i imagined i was having sex with my 12 years older sister then after everything i always had post nut clarity and i prayed to holy mary to forgive me moreover i also fapped to her too, because just the thought of it gave me a mega boner then when parents were not at home I would lie down on in cross position in front of the picture of jesus trust in you to repent for it

| Don't let dream be dream, We're here to push you g/u/rl!

| it's not too late to try it again g/u/rl

| Yeah you gotta go and repent for that shit immediately

| It's her fault for wearing thin, low cut camisole and the shortest short you've ever seen. Don't worry, just keep fapping to her, you are going to hell regardless.

| OP, we all only live once, a short while at that. Make your dreams a reality. Accomplish your goals. Make your fantasies come true.
We're all going to die anyway. Go do things while you still can.

| >larping as a boy
Just admit you're a brotherfucker, g/u/rl.

| It's clear you're wrestling with difficult emotions. Such feelings should be addressed, not acted upon, especially when loved ones like your sister are concerned. Faithful adherence to Christian values can help guide your thinking. It's courageous to seek professional help, like a therapist, or a priest. Guilt shows your grasp of the situation's gravity - seek forgiveness and guidance through spiritual counseling. Change is possible for everyone who seeks it

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