Thick g/u/rl problems

| I'm relatively skinny (used to struggle with being underweight :/) but all my fat seems to go to butt and thighs and there's problems that come with that!!
First off!! Shaving is so hard it's horrible!! I get bend and fold myself in every direction possible, even put my legs almost all the way behind my head!! Wtf!!
Then there's the fact that cause I just keep getting thicker and thicker there's so many clothes I can't wear anymore! My booty has ripped SO many pants and tights at

| felt

| this point that I only wear sweatpants and high quality tights many sizes bigger than what's normal for my height! Those are the only things that don't rip within a week! Well skirts ofc but I like having at least tights under
Then there's how clothes just get sucked in!! I have a bodysuit I love, and the back is supposed to have this fute little bit of slight booty covering, but it just disappears in the thickness as soon as I put it on!!

| Same thing happens with my sweatpants too!! It's so embarrassing when I'm at the store or something and I crouch down slightly to pick something from a shelf and suddenly my whole entire ass is outlined in detail for everyone around and I have to pull it out of there!! Wtf!!
There's also bumping stuff off low tables when walking past!!
And the last thing for now might maybe be a bit more niche but the fact my butt and down is in a way, like, inherently sexual you know? Like for

| example if I'm showing off my clothes to a friend or something it feels weird to show my back in any way because it's taken as inherently sexual. Or like if something has ripped in a funny way or there's something leg related that's funny and I wanna snap a pic to send someone I have to put SO much work in just to make it not look like thirst baiting!! It's so annoying!! I'm a very wholesome person I don't wanna give my friends that impression that's weird but it's so hard:((

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*cute little bit

I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I don't have a lot of people in my life who deal with this so I was hoping somebody here could feel me on this

| i've shredded the crotches of 3 pairs of jeans in the past 6 months, hrt is no joke

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Right??? I don't know about you but I don't have the money to be buying new jeans all the time! They're a lost cause :((

| Also!! I was thicker than most girls around here even before HRT!! I had already been dealing with big booty problems for years!! Why did I bring this onto myself?? It's getting ridiculous at this point!!

| >>986689 >>986693 learn how to mend them! it saves money and keeps you from throwing away otherwise perfectly good clothes!

| >>986695 same. I should probably just switch to womens pants, the 505 levis can no longer contain my dump truck ass

| >>986715
That's what I was wearing!! Stretchy women's jeans!! Still couldn't save me :((

I moved not super long ago so they're already thrown out :/

| i almost didnt really notice it at first bc i was more focused on my upper body muscle loss/minimal breast growth but one day my pants from pre hrt just wouldnt fit at all anymore, amd soon even some panties i got early on got to be tight. and like you im actually like...slender maybe?? but the ass is growing considerably and i love it

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That's amazing!! <3
Since I already had a lot there I didn't really pay much attention to it in the beginning either since I didn't think it would change much, but omgg when I realised it was an incredible day!!

| It will continue to grow and try to consume us all

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Katamari Da-assy :((

| lift

| Suck

| fatass

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Like, weights?

mah ballsss

Yeah I do have that

| Oh no please don't sit on my face haha I would haaate that noooo

| >>987092
I would hate that too so is good we agree!!

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