Am I the only one?

| Am I the only one who feels that being submissive (as g/u/ys) is seen as more socially acceptable on the internet than being a dom g/u/y?

I've seen many subs expressing themselves with no problem on the internet, but the moment the public sees a dom expressing themselves, people lose their minds and shits,
And start calling the dom a creep, a degenerate, a weirdo, a porn addict, etc

Tdlr: we live in a (pro-submissive) society

| i disagree. there is no dearth of love for daddy doms, but so many are bad/toxic doms and that makes ppl wary and disdainful of them. its sort of like the whole way "alphas" qct like "alphas" (dumb fuckin fratbros), whereas Actually Self Assured Confident Men are chill and composed and dont beed to sell their dominance because it comes naturally. doms are the same.

| >>986453 that's a good take on the nature of doms
But I still get the feel that subs are more mainstream or something...

| >>986457 because being sub requieres little effort

| I honestly really value doms, because there are SO MANY FUCKING SUBS it's so hard to find a good dom. I garente you will find subs who'll want you if you're a dom, just keep it up

| >>986496 I think that's true, the subs outnumber the doms
But at least that makes the doms more valuable I guess!
Thanks you for your words g/u/rl, I'll keep it up

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