Where to post my fanfic smuts anonymously?

| I wrote a Princess Peach fic as I reminded myself of how good Playshapes' Mario is Missing and Peach's Untold Tale were. I want to post it somewhere for people to read and be disgusted (muahahaha)
Pastebin is out of the question

| just make a burner account oomfie!

| >>985582 Where tho?

| anywhere oomfie!

| >>985585
this isn't helpful
and i really want to submit it somewheree

| >>985594 >:(

| Do it here like a true Pomu poster

| Archive of our own?

| >>985634

ao3 is solid and i put my stuff there and ppl liked it

| drop it down the /d/ thread 500 char at a time

| My Gmail inbox

| Archive of our own requires an account

| >>985758 >:(

| Also I deleted the fic from my desktop. After reading it I felt ashamed.

| >>985836 lame

| >>985836
Shams only limits your potential

| A burner account on AO3 I guess?

| >>985836 save that sucker from the recycling bin! Put it on /d/ my g/u/rl!

| Won't do

| >>986031 do it, pussy

| Send it through an anonymous donation to a popular Twitch streamer that has text-to-speech turned on.

| >not posting your smut here
for shame! Share with the rest of the class!

| >>986189 it wouldn't fit

| >>986295 do it 500 at a time

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