I'm a dirty whore

| I want to moan and cum for you and scream your name and get railed and fucked and messed up I want your nails dug into my back I want you to paint my body with marks and bruises to show that I'm yours, I need to get filled and emptied over and over I need to be a whore so badly~ please please pleaseeee~\~~

| Fuck your mouth

| G/u/rl this is the last place you'll find any dick

| I love sex.

| I want to talk about the philosophy of science and education and psycholinguistics

| >>985536
>Ask sex
>On the anonim board
>Obama care

| the only one stopping you is you

| i feel you (figuratively)

| i need cock so bad... it's terminal

| Thanks for turning me on OP
I'm glad subs like you exist

Although I won't have sex with anyone because I'm scared of actually making a human connection

| >>985718 you mean connecting pepis to vazgene?

| >>985718 that sounds so gay lmao

| All dirty whores in /cum/ threads

| >>985756 welcome to avoidant autism

| >>985657
quick, get this g/u/rl 20cms of cock, now!

| Cum

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