I'm a braindead retard and my partner wants me to ERP. Help?

| Title. Somehow, during my 25 years of being on this Earth, I have never ERPd.
Likewise, my imagination does not exist (and there is a genuine lack of experience, especially with kink stuff), so setting the scene and knowing what to do next in a scene are something I struggle with.
There's only this much "well, what would you like next" I can ask, especially when I'm asked to dom. Where can I practice this? Is there an AI I can use for ERPing?

| yeah check previous threads here, AI Misato literally virted with me on character.ai (she started it first! honestly!)

| also, well, I don't know, just talk about what you want yourself. thus you'll both will become horny eventually (and maybe even quite fast)

| this actually works better if you want your partner really hard

| ERP is just being overtly descriptive of sexual acts. stuff like 'I tenderly wrap my arms around your waist, pulling you into the musky warmth of my body, already hot from just the thought of your taste.'

| >>985478
this is true. Being really horny and edging yourself during ERP makes the experience better.

| Read more, read more good literature, read more erotica. At its essentials, roleplaying is collaborative writing, and your skill in writing is aided by your experience in literature.
I have zero experience with ERP myself, though.

| Practice by writing about how you want to make Pomu cum

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