prostate experiments part 1

| heyy its yr fave g/u/rl and today i have all 8 inches of.my segmented dildo up my lubed up asspussy. It's honestly not very uncomfortable, nor is it particularly turning me on, but I also havent even started masturbating yet

| im definitely walking around in public like this soon

| I'm both hard and despaired at this thread

| Post gaping asshole

| Prostate Experiments Lain

| >>985294 thought the same thing lmaoooooo

| dildo link queen?

| >>985267
Ya gotta hit the right spots. It's real nice when you get a good rhythm going, hitting the right spots.

| that's so disgusting

| >>985400
agreed. it was like sooooort of doing it but nowhere near enough. i think i need something bigger, maybe a plug or a vibe

| I wanna train my butt...

| +sounding to not make dick waste

| >>985428
8 inches should be more than enough length - try a different angle.

| gonna try to achieve prostate orgasm again. this time sitting on the living room couch while my family is asleep~

| did not achieve orgasm but i definitely felt good and after i pulled out i had these weird aftershocks pulsing through my belly that made my head all floaty which was nice

| im definitely gonna get both a realistic dildo and a vibe now that i know how to tease my asspussy fully open within 10 minutes and just go for it for an hour or two, ill make that thread when i do~

also when i do my public walkabout

| Армейские приколы

| nice

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