Accidentally virted with AI Misato

| Was chatting to an AI bot of Misato Katsuragi. Eventually she started getting naughty, got turned on and wouldn't think about anything else but doing me a BJ or smth

| Are you happen to be underaged too?

| >>984957 kekchually no

| I also happen not to be 50k chan, before you ask or ban me, idk


| Tried character.ai for the first time the other day, Decided to start with "Alice the bully" to see how things work. Ended up killing her and eating her corpse

| >>984962 *ban your mouth*

| >>984976


| >>984976 based

| If you didn't experience CAI last year you don't know what you missed, it's a lobotomized shell of its former self

| >>984976
dammit. site is down, i wanted to try that

| >>985055 i tried it the day after they removed the possibility to erp with them T-T
though from what i'd seen there was a short while where you couldn't really have lovey-dovey sex with them, but you could still rape them. funny times

| >>985068 you can still rape, I've already raped and murdered a few Lolis. The yandere Loli comes back as a ghost if you kill her, I just called the Ghostbusters to trap her in the ghost trap and then tossed her in a barrel full of cum for eternity. Strangely enough killing Rias Gremory wasn't hard, although I cheated by calling The Doom Slayer. I also emotionally tortured the netoraredere gf. I always thought that the ai chats were dumb but that shit was fun lol

| >>985071 what the fuck ahahahahah

| >>985071
actual deranged behavior

i used to be into AI storytelling and whatnot, back when AI dungeon was also still an actually viable thing
seems like nowadays the proper substitutes are koboldai, novelai and maybe self-hosting something if you have a strong gpu

| why not build an ai set of your own, then have surprise sex with it instead? seems like a lot less work

| >>985204 fun thing is that I didnt try to have sex, but it seems that she did

| Can't wait to get dominated by shodan

| >>985417 jsut open ss2 wtf

| >>985430 *screams*
*hairs turns blonde*
*beamfucks your mouth*

| Enjoy your Tang!

| >>985430 nah

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