*gets closer*

| "damn you're hot"
"You'll get in trouble like this"
"I can't really resist when you're like standing like this"
"The kind of you make me the most hungry"

| Are you gonna fuck my mouth or what

| >>984583 no, I need to heat the things up first with some nice words and after 200h of lore and background story, epic flashbacks and long tragedies + a discussion of what happened in Evangelion, we get to start skinshipping.

| >>984580 creepy guy at the club who's trying to corner you in the back area vibes

| 'Guy at baseball stadium grabbing her opposit shoulder'.gif "Ya' know, the true meaning of evangelion can't be understood on a first viewing. Ya' know what I mean? It's like an onion, it has LAYERS....!"

| >>984602 do I we have to do this or can I just suck your cock and balls

| >>984621 WOAH THERE SONIC! you totally don't want to ruin the mood now, it's the basic and the fundamentals, bread and butter, you know?

| >>984630 fine, I don't know why I put up with this things of yours when when I want to chew and gulp your cum. Can I at least take off the cosplay

| N1ggg€r = 'Ol0Bama_Obama_Mama'

| s-stay back~

| 'the kind of you makes me the most hungry'?
are you saying that my scent is driving you wild? that the pheremones I'm gently wafting your way, teasing your nose and flicking your subliminal senses with, has sparked the embers of your primal lust? That there is a deep swelling within you, yearning to devour the source of your burning desire, that makes you lose your sense of higher self and to rut like beasts in heat? because if so, I have just one thing to say to you...lol, ew no.

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