I prefer black panties

| much more erotic.

| true

| Black panties are pretty good yeah. Angled right they can really highlight the butt well.

| yes. they just feel so mature. white is nice in its own way but i always prefer a nice comfy black lace or silk lowcut brief

| I remember when she step on me, She was also wearing black

| They make shit stains less visible

| I got a pack of some really nice black panties recently!! They look amazing :3

| >>984484 how do they taste?

| >>984486
I'm not gonna eat them :(

| >>984563 what else are they used for then? Checkmate!

| >>984568
Wearing them I thought but maybe I've been wrong :(

| >>984588 taste it. taste it now

| >>984824
Just tasted like fabric I don't get it :((

| >>984846 good g/u/rl *pat**pat*

| you aren't doing it right, clearly

| >>984928
Wat the heck :((

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