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How to wear a condom?

| Err... How do you wear one? I am definitely "asking for a friend"

| Pinch tip of condom
roll it down over penis of your choice

| "penis of your choice" lmao that was funny nig

| cut/tear open both end of the condom with any kind of sharp tool, then wrap them unparalleled to a penis and hold them in place with multiple extra small rubber bands so the semen can't escape. good luck having protected sex gurl!

| Pro tip: put a little bit of lube on the inside

| >>975449
Bad g/u/rl

| >>975453 why bad g/u/rl? I'm serious about the lube

| Make sure to prick it before use, if you don't it'll inflate like a balloon can be quite uncomfortable for whoevers on the other end

| you don't need one

| On a head

| I wear them filled with cum and tied to my G-string. ( ^.^)

| >>b481ec why inside

| >>975569 that is to increase the sensation as well as "glueing" the condom to the skin.

| you can lube the outside but don't put lube on the inside and if you do, put only a few drops on the tip of the penis. that's what increases the sensation. if you put too much the condom might slip out so i'd advise you not to put any lube at all, condoms are lubed anyway.

| >>975368 /use condom

| make sure condom is in your inventory

| Wrap it around your ring finger

| Don't ask ur møm

| >For a friend

Okay so double wear it lol

| roll it over the muzzle of the gun, then sexure it around the base of the muzzle to create a watertight seal. this allows for amphibious operation until the weapon is fired.

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This thread is permanently archived