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i finished pornhub

| i found pretty much all authors/studios in SM category and i feel there is nothing what can surprise me.. i have ideas for some specific porns which i would love to see.. but it's not there ;-;

i'm thinking about xvideos but idk.. i'm just masochistic degenerade.. after pornhub update i feel it's suggesting popular things and not showing new content prioritly

| it abaolutely is, especially after the purge

| still can't believe they deleted my channel

| >>974402 purge still hurts me :(
>>974427 sad, I coul try check it xd

| >>974427 and I can't believe steve jops died of ligma

| porn addiction is crazy.

| >>974878 tbh i think it's natural in anime communities, like you can commonly see shibari workshops on animecons and so xd

| you ever try touching grass?

| >>975199 you ever touched someone's ass?

| >>974853 what's ligma?

| Try ass? But degen ass

| use xvideos or xnxx

| >>975595 i sometimes use xvideos but rarely

| time for CornHub

| fucking coomer

| Total Coomer Death

| dude, please just go outside man

| Read a book or paint your house please anything

| Porn addict go off

| >>976319 but society is not ready for my horny
>>976353 paint.. are you house? I can may paint you~
>>976355 no u, or unless~

| dude wtf... no one is this horny to act like this

| >>976375 hehehe~ <3 you are cute

| one day you can use AI to make endless pornography for you!!!
you will never have to leave house or wait ever again

| there are ...other, options.
those which still hold the spark of the forbidden, the bizarre, and the scarring of new and interesting parts of your psyche~

| >>976663 the fuck do you mean by this?

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This thread is permanently archived