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Masturbation survey

| After a long time, Survey-Chan is back with another question for you. As always, the answer is on a scale from 1 to 10.

Which hand do you prefer to masturbate, with 1 being left hand only , 10 right hand only, and everything in between a weighted mix of both hands

| 56

| 621

| 0, vibrators op

| mm i guess 7?

i definitely use my right hand for like the actual work/main event, but i like using my left sometimes because it forces my gock to move in ways not conducive to the bend it developed which nnnmnyessss

| >>973431
you mean cock?
Say it:
Say it:
Say it:
Say it, you disgusting freak

| >>973436 triggered

| >>d9a77f faggot

| 0, I do it hands free

| >>973386
>>973436 >>973470
Filtered, lol

| >>973470 imaging being this fragile

| >>973509 imagine siding with males, dislexsic retard

| 9

| 1

| >>973540 are you also triggered?

| >>973841 are you?

| >>973386 do not respond truthfully. CIA is behind this thread again

| >>973855 why would the CIA gather info about the masturbation practices of some literally who g/u/rls?
Btw, I'd say 1.

| >>973928 to create masturbatory crack

| 2

| This survey is dumb here's a better one. How many days a week do you wank it and how often in a day do you cum

| 1

| 1 even thou I'm right handed

| >>974087

| >>974087 aw, cmon. At least this survey can be properly answered from 1 to 10. unlike the gender, homo-hetero and giving oral survey wich were a lot more difficult to abswer this way.

| >>974361 cringe

| >>973386 i can't count sorry.. maybe √3.14⅖²?

| If not than ∞, 0 or something between..

| Is result in 6 digits?

| >>973436

shut the fuck up <3

| >>974726 ok gender pretender :V

| >>974738
do it yourself with that meaty cock

| >>974744 the fuck are you babbling about, you chromosomatic retarded faggot

| >>974753

chromosomatic was inspired but the rest was just middle school

and i guess you dont have the girth to silence me~

| mouth

| >>974755 ok faggot

| >>974738
*fucks your mouth*

| >>975071 *closes and heals your penile wound*

| Like a 2 maybe 3. Mostly because I am using my right to help with browsing for porn. Then the left is for jerking off. Though I will occasionally masturbate with both hands. Or the right if I am not consuming pornography in any capacity.

| 5

| I have a massive cock so to just cover the surface area I need to use both hands like a chambermaid.

| 1, i hold my phone with my right and i like using my nondominant hand to feel like i have less control over it <3

| bumb

| 2, left gives a better wank whilst me right's best for beatin my hog til its down!!

| 2

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