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My fucked up fantasy

| I really get turned on by the idea of being physically and verbally abused. I don't mean light masochist type stuff, but harder stuff like being punched, kicked, slapped, maybe even cut or burned, etc.

In all honesty I think it has something to do with my very low self esteem but I'm no expert.

A lot of it I haven't actually tried so idk if I would actually like it or not, but is it fucked up that it turns me on in at all?

| Is it worth it? I don't think so. Too low reward for too much price

| Try sticking your hands in a deep fry boiling oil, you will stop being an edgy bitch

| I'd beat the shit out of you annon

| I dont think its that fucked up to think about that kinda stuff, people fantasize or imagine weird super kinky stuff all the time. Actually acting on the fantasies though is what would be fucked up. Either find someone to safely enact this kinda stuff with, with some *real* solid boundaries and rules in place OR recognize and draw the line for what fantasies should be kept only as fantasy

| no, that sounds like kind of standard harder bdsm stuff to be honest.

i dont think i want to be struck quite that hard but my advice is to find a good and consensual dom, get to know them a bit and tell them what you want to try, and the slowly ramp up the pain until you find the sweet spot (or fulfil your fantasy)

| generally in bdsm as long as it doesnt leave lasting damage or injury and the sub is down with it, everything goes

| my personal line is "no broken skin, no lasting injury" myself.
I've gotten wailed on in the best of ways by a good and trustworthy dom who took that invitation and ran with it.
It can be great.
Or not.
Keep an out. Keep a safeword.
But this is all just standard BDSM best practice...

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This thread is permanently archived