what are your fantasies?

| oddly enough mine veer either extremely submissive or very possessive/exploitative

for example one fantasy has me walking around in public wearing nothing but sneakers and a crop top as random passersby grope and stop to use me and everyone just treats it as normal as a bus going by. usually culminates with me being trussed up on a ledge somewhere and used nonstop, passing out and waking up to it over and over--

| whereas another might have me living extravagantly in a mansion with a harem of men and women i find incredibly fuckable, with them serving my every whim like fuck objects. often i bring in others to be fucked and abused in front of me for like this imaginary voyeur kind of thing i guess

| one of my oldest and.most enduring is of being crouched under a desk, between my old history/gym teacher's legs, nose buried in his sack and the base of his hairy dick (he was incredibly hairy. french canadian. i think he was only smooth on his brow, cheeks, and throat)

| Ok

| I can relate to wanting an harem a lot yeah although for me, it'd made up of submissive and slutty nuns and maids

| I want to fuck in a pile of slutty elven twinks. fifteen of them at the least.

| >>973131 play warlock and boobs

| >>973138 this doesn't look like it has twinks g/u/rl

| >>973152 just one (I think), but is an twink mage elf you can fuck as many times as you want, there are also futa elves and other types of futas

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