Cum for the cum throne


| /d/

| cum

| Cum for the cum throne, loads for the load god

| semen tension, butthole invasion

| 100% cum from concentrate

| our lord's ten cum commandments

| inheriting my birthright: the family cum stash

| cum stuffed toy
a fuckable decoy

| This in /u/ so it's safe to assume this is merely achieving the platonic ideal of a cum throne rather than any sexual interest.

As yandere dev is to the cum chalice.

| effects of 30 day cum exposure

| repent nao gooners

| beyond the darkness there is only cum


| >>969578 nah, I like this one. Might move it to /d/ though...

| my cum stash has been illegally transported to /d/

| This is an outage, move it back to /u/. Cum is not inherently sexual, I will not cum for this!

| 50% of the world has cum!

And if they won't share, then take it by force!

| but in this far off land my cum will die!

| €υΜ

| cum wasteland expedition

| most of my cum sensors has ceased to function, I guess this is goodbye

| Cum shade, and cum fades..

| Fill me with cum anon-sama!~

| Why did you leave the cum zone? I didn't order a retreat.

| men! this is your admiral speaking. at 0800 this morning you will cum.

| Everyone shall cum and become gods!

| fine! i shan't stay. but i will leave you with my pussy! take good care of it and it will surely bring you good fortune. goodbye, my love...

| I know that making cum is never easy, but I feel it's worth the struggle.

| find the sacred cum blade
lead a fuckling crusade

| Spunkbob Cumpants
The long forgotten lord of cum

| slice my throat with cum
fill my dick with rum

| Danger/u/ 2056: Beyond the Cum

| imprisoned, then drowned in cum

| married in the imperial cum gardens

| i wish i was still cum

| Cum to dinner, I cooked you fresh ham.

| cum

| I've struck your pressure point! seven minutes from now you will cum.

| I cum from the ashes, and to the ashes I will cum.

| all will return to from whence they cum

| cockpit full of breathable cum

| yo. shinji, get in the cum-bot!

| Madness? This is cum! *kicks pomu down the hole*

| That's right. All the way down through the cum hole.

| Family friendly cock torture adventure

| IShowMeat

| the first cum princess of the ancient kingdom

| ez cum ez goo....

| >>970475 wish you were cum

| death from the evercumming curse

| Cum assistance cumming from the lovely nurse

| Cuming isn't easy, but you'll get the hang of it

| cum is all that's left of God.

| A cum conundrum, if you may

| The conundrum of cum is still as insoluble as ever

| I may be not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm someone's shot of cum

| You are ȩ̴͠ȑ̴̦e̴̻͝c̸̢̚t̶̮̾ì̴̫ỏ̷̭n̵͚̄, my c̶̗̄ú̴̢m̴̮̊m̸͔̄i̷̩͒ň̸̪g̴̝̔ direction

| believe in the soul of the world, believe in the cum.

| Cumming Dynasty

| >>971528
On the sixth day, God spanked his weenie like a retarded chimpanzee to fill the earth with his cum. This created man and woman (Adam and Eve) in his own image to cummune with him. He blessed them (with more cum) and gave them every creature and the whole earth to cum over, care for, and cultivate.

| Witness, in all its divine glory, the sacred vessel: the cum chalice


| cum hither, jack the cum dripper

| This cum's got willpower like a stubborn mule and ain't takin' orders from nobody!

| What good will it be for a man if he gains cum, yet forfeits his dick


| i cummed and it felt amazingggg

| All hail the Lord of cum, taker of seed

| been too dysphoric to cum recently hbu

| >>972236
hmu and you'll cum w/o feeling dysphoric~

| Consider the following:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kill urself

| cum yourself

| Who has the most exotic cum?

| Cum

| last true beliver in the Titular Cum

| >>972237 when and where

| cum..

| Anally wounded for trespassing into the cum sanctuary

| doctor daddy's cummy pills
pierce my ballsack with your heels

| half woman, half cum

| burnt out cum salaryman

| and yet after all this time I'd still choose to cum

| intense cum clouds pounds the surface regularly, here in Uranus

| Cum Princess living in the Cum Kingdom

| >>972662 No, she is living on my dong

| Lord of The Anal Ring

| Unleash the beast, break the cum jar

| flesh-eating cum


| Make me.

| I easily surpass the limits of your average coomer... none of you can stop my cum

| build a snowman out of cum

| >>973511 a cumman, if you may


| cum-filled pool
jewish children make me drool

| The Ultra-Forbidden Cumming
What the world has cum to?

| banned from cumming by a danger/u/ cum doctor

| ocean of cum flowing in my tum

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