How to bypass twitter's age block?

| I'm horny AF and I don't wanna make an account just to look at a few hawt selfies

| get off /d/

| Just grow up

| walk through it

| engage the block with what it excepts: it is what it is able to discern and what confirms its projections; it settles it into a predictable response pattern, occupies its mind while you wait for the opportunity it cannot anticipate
~cum tzu

| A lot of people are in this thread assuming I'm a child bc I'm asking how to bypass something. I'm not. It's just that twitter's a fucking shithole website with a rabid userbase of holier than thou douchebags and I don't want to make an account unless I plan to do something with it. Which if I'm making an account to just look at cute boicock that's not really a good reason to join such a toxic community.

| you're not "joining" the "community" if you don't interact with people. simple as.

| emphasis on "community".

| https://github.com/pluja/awesome-privacy#twitter

| >>957261 this reads like a child's tantrum tho

| If you're horny and don't want to create an account then why don't you search on other places? It's not like twitter is the only place on internet


| Use Nitter

| yeah i’m fed up with twitter too. nitter use to work just fine but then it started bugging out & then one day the same age shit popped up. i resort to websites like monsnode. most of the time the account im looking for doesn’t pop up either so at that point i just google “twitter viewer” & try to find one that works

| touch grass

| touch grass x2

| Wait 5 years

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