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Lately I've been trying to rape people

| But they're sort of fast or get helped by some unrelated strangers, why do they always help them and not me at catching others?
Some tips?

| Lay out a massive doormat sized gluetrap, chase them in the direction of it and you have a guaranteed catch. GL g/u/rl!!

| Did you tried hypnosis?

| Post your face. We need to see if you fit in to be catagorized as ugly bastard. If you don't then, that explains a lot

| Going for randoms is harder, try raping people you already know

| what is your SSN, OP?

| >>956906 sounds rough, how do I prevent people from disarming it before and while I do the chase? I've meet many assholes trying to ruin my rape plans. They're like don't touch this, respect that. They're like cockroaches, everywhere and unlimited!
>>956921 No, last time I've tried people told me I was walking down the street wearing a chicken suit and doing weird noises.
>>956936 https://t.ly/dR9J this common looking and harmless dude is literally me, trust me.

| >>956940 yea but won't it be annoying to hear them when you meet them again? I've tried to rape a family member and they're still complaining. I mean, c'mon I've just raped you; it seems that you literally just can't do shit in this world.

| >>956945 it's this:>>956898

| call the hotline at 911 and ask to meet someone behind the local mall

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This thread is permanently archived