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where to get boobs

| see title

| if you look at boobs intensely enough they look like derpy eyes :D

| stare*

| Walmart's out of stock last I checked.

| did you tried estrogen?

| i got mine from walgreens :D

| Get some E let it melt under your tongue, you may need some Spyro too if you have to much T

Do that for 6 months and you should hopefully have your boobs

| Or like start of them keep going I think it's like a few years to get full size but idk I don't have them

| >>956521 you need to go to brazil

| you can get some from women walking down the street, they can vary a lot in shapes and sizes, so it depends on how much you're picky. it's pretty easy to get some, just make sure to bring a machete to make it quick, otherwise it'd be rather complex as they'd be starting to struggle.
Personally they make some comfy mousepads but they expired quite quickly. It's best to dispose them by burning them down first.

| >>956570 or Thailand

| you need to water the boobs and give some sunlight to grow some big boobas

| I like boobs


| Nothing left remain. But a short dwarf.

| Thats the irony. Not only that you lose... people dpnt even know you to begin with.jackass frauds

| No fair things here

So maybe keep your one leg up,
in heaven too
If you can.

Not sitting or squatting

| What a cruel world

Even your gods are crawling

from hell.

| you stupid fucking faggots should kill yourselves already holy shit

| >>956853 go back to /b/

| >>956853 do I hear projection?

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