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There are no girls only boys who are losers here

| Cold Turkey

| Nice point OP, why don't you post your dick pics?

| A boy on the internet? We'll need to see some proof of that OP. Everyone knows there's no boys on the internet.

| dick pic! dick pic! you have to do i now op don't be a bitch

| Op stop larping as a boy we all know they're are no boys on the internet

| >>956334 Is this country or food?

| Yeah haha show proof thatd be crazy

| I hope there aren't any boys here. Boys are scary :(

| >>956417 i did hear that femboys are around.. but it sounds too crazy to be truth *hugs you*

| >boys
>on the internet
real funny. and super original

| Boys will drag me out and force to play sports... I don't wanaaaaa....

| no dick pics were posted. i hereby declare OP a raging fujoshi

| Yeah you tell'em sister!

| Obama is a woman

| yeah yeah... pretty cool but
what the fuck is a boy?

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This thread is permanently archived