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Boku no pico isn't that bad

| I mean it's just normal gay hentai, there's worse stuff

| i mean, the plot is *extremely* mid. the entire fucking world gets raptured and all the kids can think about is fucking each other. the tokyo tower is running out of electricity for gods sakes have SOME self preservation

| you had to be there

| >>956297
pretty much this

| >>956297

| It's meant to gatekeep from normie who think "anime is for kid" or "anime fans" who"ve only watched dbz and atrack or titan. If you've goes beyond that and have been exposed to tentacle shit, then boku no pico would have no effect for you.

| imagine your legacy being known as the VA for a young boy that gets molested in a cartoon.

| it is literally for pedos and any of yall defending it are mad sus

| >>7af89c I mean without getting into the fictional or not argument thing, it's just that with hentai like euphoria and worse existing, Boku no pico's *disturbingness* is greatly exaggerated

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This thread is permanently archived