Unusual but not messed up kinks

| Do you have unusual, rare, and not messed-up kinks? Feel free to share them with the class!

Something uncommon and/or maybe something specific but not insane!

For example, I'd love to cum inside someone's ears!

| That's messed up, sis

| My g/u/rl in Christ.

| I have a fetish for petrification and marble.

| I'm in femdom things..
I really wish be tied up by girl.. cuddled and get whispered anything in words.. imagine that dom gives me attention and is.. too much xd idk if i could handle it

| >>955861 >>955863
Oh c'mon it's not that bad! There are many things more messed up than that!

| >>955865 that's a good example!

| >>955871 Nice taste!

| Giant/giantess is pretty weird, but I guess it doesn't necessarily harm anybody in any major way... Still weird though.

| bathroom tiles

| Teeth. I fucking LOVE a nice set of white, perfect teeth. I wanna lick em and like wanna brush someone else's teeth all dom like. And maybe get nibbled or cum on them. I also really like that whole hentai hooking thing. IDK I just REALLY like teeth

| I love porn with stuff involving voodoo dolls. Best part is sometimes it's relative, so a normal sized weiner going in the doll will be scaled up for whoever the doll represents, leaving the girl to be penetrated by something impossibly large.

| >>955890 I know right? Also remember to be kind and no kink shaming!
>>955891 wha- what?

>>955894 okay, that's something I haven't thought about ever before, you got a special for rareness and it's not messed up at all! Good for you!

>>955905 I like voodoo stuff a lot as well hoho very based

| Tentacles!

| armpits

| bellies... but not pregnant ones. just nice big squishy bellies

| >>955929 King.

| I think I have a kink for looking up at a naked woman. Not a height difference thing just looking up and seeing mound and boobs is heaven.

| as a vrchat degen with some bad phantom sense, getting knotted by a furry is somethin' else

| man...

| >>955915 My g/u/rl!
>>955942 bellies are pretty good! I like the chubby ones!

>>955929 A classic one, I actually was thinking about that kink when I made thi thread, despite me not being super into it

>>955950 Interesting... It reminds me of some photos/meme poses where a woman looks at the viewer, towering over them
>>955961 huh? That's something uhh..

>>955962 g/u/rl..?

| nothin. i just thought how many weird kinks i have.

| haha...

| >>a06a36 oh it's okay! As long as you have fun with your many kinks, it's good!

| vagoo

| I want to have tentacles! I want to violate & consensually cuddle with them!
Oh, the wonders and horrors of the things I would do with tentacles~~

| >>956109 tentacles are quite versatile and come with almost endless ways to use them, aren't they?

| >>955883 thank you xd

| >>956109 Very good taste. The nearly limitless ways they could violate you in different scenarios and oh god the roleplay! I'm not OP but damn is that fine taste.

| >>956109 i would may like being played and cuddled by tentacles xd

| >>956143 You're welcome xD

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