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Is it true that when a boy does lewd stuff with another boy's dick his own growns on size??

| a friend of mine told me that that's why men irl can often have some a lower average size than normal the novels I'm used to read. ///
and I'm unlikely to convince homosexuals to show it as they're likely to be promised already!
does it mean that if I get a bf with big sizes, he has also that sort of experiences?? ///
how forbitten...

| aaah, damn I'm mistakenly on /v/...

| I-I'll move it... ( ; ^.^ )

| lmao

| i am going to tell this to my straight male friends and let my fujoshi brain run wild on the consequences hehehe

| I will spread this disinformation without abandon to hopefully PsyOp an entire generation

| Well OP you could always play with mine and find out ;)

| >>955638 you'll never own a cock

| >>955691
hey, it's consensual S/M

| Boys aren't real

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This thread is permanently archived