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looking for cute girl to teach me Linux and peg me

| I said what I said

| what a go-getter

| do you bring anything to the table because i don't just peg random cs nerds

| >>74dcb4 i have a fat ass

| >>948889 acceptable, dm me

| successfully install gentoo and then we'll talk

| >>948907 is arch close enough? i'm too cute and helpless to install gentoo on my own

| I will never find a Linux gf...

| >>948907 I've installed gentoo before. Tried LFS once, default install had a version that wouldn't compile, raged and stopped with that. Now I could probably bootstrap a Linux machine without a manual.

| I installed Slackware

| >linux
either build an analog computer out of copper, brass, steam and sweat or gtfo

| im just gonna install ubuntu and read through this book bigger than the bible on it to get myself started instead of just diving into the unknown dont mind meeee

| >>949398 what book, just read the archlinux wiki, even non arch user use it

| Instructions are not lewd enough, please move it to /tech/

| >>949441 wdym? This is clearly /d/ core material.

| >>949554 no h*nd h*lding, not /d/ worthy
to /tech/ with this

| unfortunately Linux users can't have gf, so this is why we can't infiltrate /d/ no matter how hard we try...

| I.. wish this~

| why not become the cute girl first?

| I use Windows btw

| >>949800 what if my gf is the Linux user?

| >>949853 have you tried to turn her on and off? it might be a bug.

| I feel like looking for a Linux GF is an uphill battle. Linux is for computer hobbyists and despite pushing for "women in STEM" computers are a man's club like sports and cars.

| >>949892 negative, I have done the first part but it seems rude to do the second

| >>949964 damn! she must have some sort of malware that made you impossible to shut her down after activating her. Have you tried to run Avast while she's turned on?

| Assuming you'd have it installed on her already. You have an antivirus right?

| >Linux gf

LMAO, woman be like
>Who needs PC? iphone goes brrrrrrrrrr

| there's linux girls must they're "girls"

| *but

| >>950008 >>950024 Argh! I'm into making such good metaphor. Can you two not just cut the cables off?

| >>950108
wireless has poor latency, which is especially bad during sexytimes

| >>950379 "sorry for stopping before you could finish, the internet went out"

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