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I gave up on looking for a cute femboy to cuddle with.

| After 6 months with 0 results I just gave up

| what steps have you taken to find this cute femboy

| consider vrchat; its rather difficult to find a public world that doesnt have at least one or two femboys in there at any given time

| gay .... fucking shit

| Simply become the femboy yourself

| >>948872 lowkey tho. Femboys like to cuddle other femboys in my experience.

| >>948936 true, but my personal experience with femboys tells me they all agree that affection is affection, no matter the source

| >>948936 I'm a gymrat so nah

| >>948968 You also didn't tell us what you've actually done to help you find this femboy of yours.
You would've thought gymrats would understand that you need to put in work to achieve something. You really would've.

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This thread is permanently archived