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| Generally i know how to draw characters and objects in plain white backgrounds but that looks plain so i want to sort of enrich it with fun environment and shit

But i got no idea

I see videos of games and things i like and they still dont excite me as much despite thinking "oh those are good"

What do i do.

| g/u/rl have you ever heard the adage "don't shitpost where you eat"? i browse danger/u/ while i eat, i'd appreciate it if you kept the site a little cleaner. it's better for my health that way.

| >>947631 your health is shit. It dont matter.

| >>947644 Neither does OP's inability to do backgrounds, and yet here we are

| >>947648 the problem is in your comprehension. I m looking for fun. Not your limited share of knowledge. Or are you opening class anyway

| Have you tried to fuck the background?

| >>947671 defo.

| You know these terrain waves on maps which show elevation?

| >>947765 what?

| >>947765 those are super aesthetic!

| >>947862 hmmm yea i guess so. Good idea tx

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This thread is permanently archived