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How to make sure your

| Illustration will attract millions of sales,likes,
So and so

Quality control method of sort

| something something dedication, passion and patience.
stop looking at numbers and fame or even money.

| >>947492 making shit is not passion nor patience to anybody.

| >gets doxed
>still comes back
kys or someone will help you

| >>947498 >taking life too seriously and missing out they joy of not being restricted in a prison.
Freedom is beautiful, so is trading time and effort for improvement.

| >>947499 did you mispost this lel
>>947501 doing trash repeatedly wont improve you they say so i guess you are either conpletely retarded or being hopeleslly pedantic

| >>947503 who said repeatedly? If you wanted to improve you get to turn your brain and body on, make researches, buy books and make 50 study and 50 practice. But it looks like you need to be told to do that.
Stop insulting right now, I don't care if you're having a mental breakdown. You're not helping at all.

| >>947505 clearly 50 is not the peak number of newspaper cartoons so whatever improvement you act like you know seems to be bullshit and you acting like it was all summarized in three word motto makes you owe me at least a full length explanation of why you bullshitted me three post ago.

And it better be a credible and detailed one so i can come here and bust your ass if it s all nonsensical "trade your time and it ll do you freedom" garbage.

So now, write, a fucking essay of it.

| >>947505 also "50 post and 50 study" still equates to 50 same circles because you are making it a dumb fucking one liner for your convenient to look smart

Maybe spill it if you actually know shit or kiss ass you lazy camel. We all know you are writing less than a quality quora answer.

| Worth nobodys time. keep talking to yourself.

| >>947522 and you wastes time here showing off how much of an airhead you are.

Keep it up jackass. Maybe learn abit so you got something worth teaching than your 3 letter motto you pick up from some shady ass website you dont even understand

| >>663aa3 also dont worry about me talking to myself. Its been a thousand word from me and you can only suggest some 50 studies and research of whateveridontknowpleaseleavethischanasnowhereelsewillhouseme

Maybe dont act so smart ass when you have no data nor experience to back up your commentary, clearly being so fucking smartass invites you some problem but i guess you got no IQ nor actual knowledge to attend to that either except whining about because the level is too high for u

| what is going on here...

| >>947485 50K chan??!!

| >>947549 50K impostor!

| sus

| Gddmnit this is supposed to be educative at least

| I'll remind you one of your blogpost

>when i am not funny usually it's because i forgot my medication from my fictional psychopaths- i mean psychologistt i mean psycho frame psychiatrist! no, psycho frame gundam!!!

Take your pills, 50k-chan

| >>947610 50k-chan got owned

| goofy ahh discourse

| >>947610 ...thats yours,cringetard.
>>947614 this is not a competition

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