Cockroach in bed

| There's a really big roach lying on my bed. It seems to be asleep. I am too afraid to wake it up because it will probably attack me.

| I'd move

| >>947179 bitchass take, you never lived in a hot and humid country did you

step one is bombing your entire living space. remove everything that you intend to live through the experience, disinfect it separately (mostly thinking about pets and fellow humans here), and deploy a neurotoxin of your choice. do not return for 24 hours or as long as your product indicates

| step two is doing the same but with insect growth regulator
insect growth regulators are relatively non-toxic (to mammals) agents that will stop the already festering insect species from maturing into adults
i personally recommend anything containing fenoxycarb because you only need to apply it roughly every 200 days for certain protection

these two steps will protect your home from any and all exoskeleton possessing critters
you've got this op

| And what is it going to do? Start flying and land on your face?
Just grab that fucker with some paper and fucking squash it

| >>735d6f
Don't cockroaches survive nuclear apocalypse scenarios or something? And you wanna spray it? Lel get good cuckold
OP I consider a simpler alternative which is mixing bleach and ammonia and letting it sit in your room for a while in the open that should kill most things in your room

| Insert it into your pussy OP!

| o no not the bugfuckers

| Burn it, then your house, then yourself it's the only way to be sure it never comes back

| why is this in /d/

| >>947314 bug g/u/rls uwu

| >>947314 op is obviously going to be bred by roaches

| Cock Roach

| We fuck bugs late nite./

| I don't fuck bugs, but there was this one time a bug did try to get my pant lol

| >>947475 you should've let it lay eggs in you.

| >>947231 i kinda want to try fucking bugs. i've had a huge depression mess in my room for months, but i havent attracted any roaches yet :(

| maybe bugs aren't so bad aftef all fr

| Maggots would make holes in you

| >>947168
Don't worry, OP. That's Gregor. He used to be a traveling salesman and cloth merchant.

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