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I'm done, I can feel no more.

| I've consumed too much material, I'm now numb, I know too well how it all works. I can no long be interested. Everyrhing bores me. No amount of *fuck up* or *messed up* called stuff will improve my interest.
But I've a hope, a legend called looping. It's about a secret path at the end of the rabbithole that would you make you come back at the top of it, at the entrance, where you're supposed to be able to appreciate the simpliest with a new form.

| But I can't get it. How am I supposed to learn myself to loop? I feel like my mentality is too far from being awaken to appreciate or view the path to loop.
I'm a beast who has consumed far too many victims without any hesitation. How am I supposed to see back the light within me? Without a reset, but combinating the two and into strengthen the pure side of it?

| I not wise, I'm weak and coward. I've desired too much but I've lost the control of it. How can I cleanse my mind to elevate myself back to kindness and stability?

| > I've consumed too much material

| step 1 is to quit said material and stick with the decision

| >>946318 how would stopping from keep going on the path of mastery help me to seek illumination?
It feels like as if you were telling to go back to drive cars when I'm trying to get better at swimming.

| >>946347
you're never gonna get better at swimming if you sit in your car all day, dumbface.

| >>946348 explain your reading comprehensiong since you're making zero sense but you want to just have an excuse to valudate your ad hominem. But such excuse does not exist, thus you're being too low to be understand.

| >>946347 trust me, there is no bottom in the rabbithole of esoterism and mistery. It's a bottomless pit. And that's not a good thing. You better learn/experience something more kindhearted and simple (yet quite valuable and enjoyable) like for example... Contemplative Taoism. At least that works for me. Enjoy the grass flowing with the wind, and the sound of rain hitting the leaves of the trees.

| >>946361
that's not the answer OP wanted so he's gonna ignore it

| >>946374 xD

| it's magic and mistery and...

| Op i wanna talk to ya get tox and post your ID itt

| frankly, I didn't thought to find such laid back gurls on /d/.
hopefully it's just a bad period of time.

| It's a myth. You have to look for nicher fetishes. I can pretty much only get off by flirting with mentally ill people now.

| >>ce4ec9 based

| OP don't worry all you gotta do is become a furry and the material will become interesting again

| >>946542 that sounds worse than going to hell...

| >>946542
do NOT

| furries are kinda cute, im tempted to join them

| >>946804 doesn't that sounds like a trap(mechanical item to caught naive animal/person) (Not the fag) at all to you?

| >>946814 it does, and that makes me hornier!

| >>946895 I think you should be a little more mindful on which kind of witchery you try to learn. Even more when it's suspicious(person or object of uncommon nature, thus making you question it's existance).

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