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*leads my hand toward your general direction*

| (。>﹏<。)

| *drops a 100 yen coin in your hand*

| >>945444 huhhh.. t-thanks (´・ω・`)

| >>945444 c-can we do the h-hand thingy? you know ehm...( ;∀;)

| This is a foul post, I can't believe you would insinuate such lewd and vile behavior!

| >>945461 n-n-no wait, it's not what it does look like, i-I m-mean... I have no a-absolute idea of what you'd be talking about..
That's right! I have no idea of what happening. What I'm doing has nothing to do with your words, so it's fine to do so. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

| >>945492 You dare try to trick me you hand-holding fiend?! Ugh! I can't believe you'd thrash your lewd filth all over this refined and established board. You'll be hearing sirens at your door if I spot any more horrendously lewd behavior! I'm also writing a restraining order against you so I cannot be violated by such a scoundrel!

| *grabs your hand*
*leans closer to your ear*
Wanna hear a secret?

| >>945442 *low five*

| >>945542 yes~ tell me anything~ i'm your hand-holding pet~

| >>945565 I have been scratching my balls for an hour with the same hand I'm holding you with
*leans even closer*
so you are technically fondling my balls right now

| >>945567 are you trying to tell me that your hand didn't scratch other hand? It's not so lewd ;-;

| >>945575 well well well, aren't you a greedy one. You come here all shyly, expecting someone to just TAKE your hand in public, when in reality you want far more than that, like interlocking fingers

| >>945519 Hiiiii! That's very not g-good. Like, we c-could talk about this, I'm innocent and all, this is just some sort of hobby, yea, nothing real. I like to get in my slow teasing way to the other's h-h-hand... b-but I never commit to it!! I swear! It's just that the feeling before is also so good. But I'm not an actually pervert or anything, so don't make anyone else know this! Please!! (;´人`)

| >>945599 huh, did I just went full red...

| >>36157f >>f6e0c9 You t-two should get a room!!! I'm having a hard time from faiting by the sight of s-such.. ha.. err.. ///

| >>945558 HELL YEAH! No wait, ha-ha.. did something made contact??? (´゚д゚`)
Am I still okay...?

| ........

| >>945607 *gets closer* ・・・・・

| >>945609 *fucks your mouth*

| >>945612 That's fine. But I find impratical and imparing as a presentation. Can we like huh do the shaking thing? You know like when people present each others and then do the shake thing in respect. It's gonna be totally fine trust me! (⌒▽⌒)

| .....

| *fucks your hand*

| why does hand fucking sound hot when it's literally just a handjob?

| >>945599 talk? To perverted filth such as yourself?! I can't possibly even imagine that, it's t-too lewd to think about hand...holding? lewd! Have you no self respect?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE DIGNITY?! Th-this is too much...I didn't think someone would even think of committing such a preposterous crime. B-B-BAKA!!!

| >>945640 wait, it's not like as if I tried to imagine about the real thing..maybe.
I'm a serious n-nice person myself, there is n-no way that I could fall succub to the actual act, no alluring stuff or anything.
It's just that it's there and you could d-do it anytime..
Er... No, I'm a totally normal person, I like things like dolls, ice creams, plushes and the feeling coming from holding... yea the warm plushes.

| >>945651 So it's alright, I'm very cool in mind. No worries whatsoever here. (><。)
We could chat about cool stuff like my h-hobbies for starter.

| >>945442
*puts your whole hand in my mouth*

| >>298184 What did you say about holding plushies...? Y-you feel c-c-coming? What e-even is that?! YOU WRETCHED LEWD MONSTER! I-im going to faint...th-is is t-oo...much!

| >>945757 Noo, I didn't even consider that way of reading it... And I didn't knew about plushes' right before listen your words, aaah this is such a disaster. i-I wanted just wanted to have f-f-fri....ends....

| >>945757 I k-know I'm a little abnormal sometimes b-but I thought about getting really close on the first meeting would've helped a lot!
Please! Don't faint on spot! I couldn't handle... take the pressure from dealing with someone who I'd need to make contact in order to help them. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

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