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Can my balls be analyzed by high tech equipment in the 21st century?

| I produce a genome that no one else has, my balls are able to psychically communicate with me and my balls need to be studied. Please I'm begging you, get me a damn scientist! My balls are bulging uncontrollably but they give me insight on so many subjects! PLEASE!

| >>944028 order to urologist, if will see anything weird, sure will have high interest to study it and maybe even ask for castaction

| ОО

| Seriously, just talk about having pain in your balls from jacking off and you'll get a nurse to play with your balls and dick for at least about 20 minutes doing an ultrasound. I did it 6 times last year and plan on going back again. I don't give a shit if it's a risk, I love getting a boner and feeling her hands/arm rubbing against me. I'm on NEETbux so it's all paid by the tax dollars of the Americunts.

| Nιggers

| >>944095
keep it up and they'll either put you on enough opioids to fry your brain or castrate you

| >>944386 sounds like a win either way

| >psychic balls

| >>944386
Please tell me easy ways to get castrated, I NEED TO GET FIXED

| No

| Yes

| >>945235 it's easy follow these steps:
1. take a knife
2. make 50k stabs in your dick
3. if you won't earn 50k or you still have dick, return to step 2
4. ?
5. profit

| but can a robot detect if a fly entering in my house, which could touch my bread, food, etc..., didn't touch a corpse before

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This thread is permanently archived