What can I do while my parents are not at home?

| So far I've put on my cute stockings and a nice white shirt, any other suggestions g/u/rls?


| take out the garbage

| find jesus

| have sex with your sibling

| hanging yourself is a funny way to surprise your family. they'll never know what hit em.

| >>938560 done!

| amazing

| Take pics of your cute stockings and nice white shirt.

| That's what I'd do.

| repaint the kitchen bright fucking green

| Take off everything except the stockings and marvel at yiurself in a mirror.

| Make the most scrumptious, mouth watering, drool encompassing meal and throw it at the wall.

Bonus points if it's a raw egg to the wall and take a picture.

| Bake a cake, or some cookies

| do something really nice for them to surprise them with when they get home!

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