| A treasure chest appeared on the ground in the middle of the darkness of the forest. It contained a magical golden dildo and onahole set. A stone slab under the chest had appeared with it and had an inscription:

| "Those who would worship me, make yourselves happy with my tool for at least a fortnight straight and I will appear before you.
Those who would discover the several legends associated with my tools, dare to enter my presence.
May you always be happy with yourself, even when you're alone.
With love,
god of masturbation."

| Try sex

| omg fortnite sex

| omg fortnite

| >god, not goddess
melt them down, reforge them into crosses and get them blessed and sanctified with holy water. Hang the crosses in the bedroom. When you get married, have loving, consensual, wedding night sex with the lights off and extra-handholding in the bedroom where the crosses are.

| > shove the dildo in your ass
> put the onahole in your inventory
> stand there awkwardly and wait for things to happen

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