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I want to grind my face against femboy bulge

| I am going mad

| best I can do is big belly bear bulge, take it or leave it.

| grind my face and then SNIFFFFFFFFF

| Go out there and find a new fwb. God damn

| Me too~~

| I may not be a Femboy, but I'll let you grind on my bulge if you want

| >femboy bulge
lol no
best femboys have no bulge

| >>938312 not true. Best femboys have thick and long schlongs so I can nuzzle and suck it like a slut.

| I love sex.

| Go on Taimi.

| >>938348 It's all the same as fucking grindr. Full of ugly old geezers

| femboys are incredibly overrated but Okay

| cant actually throat. ass shy. bratty, to a fault.

its like an egirl without the random income and no sexual prowess. swhy there's no thriving 'femboy' sex work scene the same way as gay dudes, trans, interracial, etc

| >>938465
don't worry, you'll be one soon

| >>938468 well i might have more practice if you came over more often!>:/

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This thread is permanently archived