how in the fucking fucker fuck do I stop fapping and cumming fast?????

| i can't fucking help it, im not even watching porn.
i fucking hate that im doing this to myself but i cannot fucking stop.
when im alone my hand instinctively touches my dick and then that's it
one time i even came although im not hard. what the actual fuck is wrong with me i fucking hate that im doing this fucking shit hell fucking dammit.
i need to stop fapping and cumming on 4 days or else im literally gonna self destruct jesus christ help me im sick of this activity fuck this..

| i get that maybe it's because i masturbate every single day that i cum fast but fuck man isnt fapping supposed to desensitize my dick to the point that i cant feel any sensations on it then why the fuck????? im literally at a loss on how the fuck im losing to my hand
i just want all of this to end and actually have a functioning dick when i need it


| lol

| bro

| bro

| Cum god glaze u with her semen (she is long-dong futa)

| Just fuck me instead. Why fap when you've got your own personal onahole? ( ^.<)

| skill issue, i make sure to edge up a good ounce of cum before i unload

| Blue ball yourself. Edge for hours on futa hentai, and stop fapping when you're about to cum. Do it for 30 days without ever cumming and report back

| Can't relate, I fap everyday when I was a NEET, nothing bad happened. I am too busy to do that now, still no issue.

| use penis plug

| my hand has a mind of it's own and it's holding my family hostage

| >>937790
that movie was awesome

| get a chastity cage and become femboy. both problems solved!

| bro

| Have sex and have fun.

| What the fuck.

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